June VHF QSO Party DXpedition

Cape Point banner 263880 tnFor those who have not done a trip for a DXpedition — even a portable operation not far from home — you will be surprised at how much planning and effort it takes to simply get all the stuff together and haul it to said destination.

So it was an interesting read about the KL7FF Contest Expedition to Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, for the June VHF contest. Note: this is to an island as well, meaning safe passage on a boat of some sort along with carrying all of the stuff needed for the DXpedition was required as well.

Throw in the new digital modes and a little propagation and the fun can really begin.

Take a read over at Contest Expedition to Prince of Wales Island — and make sure to check out the pictures as well.

Thanks to Paul, K7CW, for sharing the story and the photos.

Scot, K9JY