Searching for Salt Water — County Park

As I noted yesterday, I’ve had to opportunity to go looking for places where I could use verticals over salt water here in Seattle-land for contesting.

As promised, I have a few pictures to show the areas in question. The first area is a county park that meets my criteria for operating.

The issue here is the hours of operation — and where to stay, if in an RV, during the night.

This picture shows the rules:

County Park Rules

But, this picture shows how close the parking spot is to the beach — a flat beach.

County Park Beach

Yes, logs on the beach in Washington State is the norm…It’s a conundrum. How to get permission to stay overnight? With no electricity hookups?

Scot, K9JY

[…] for Salt Water,” I had even made a couple of trips looking for such a place, including a county park and a state […]

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