Searching for Salt Water

Searching for Salt WaterAs a quick background, I’ve spent my time since going to Costa Rica in February getting a new house ready to move into — and then moving into the new house. Last Thursday, we were finally able to get both cars into the garage. We have a lot left to do, of course, but we can see the end. It’s about time, too, as this has seriously affected my ability to do much outside of work and moving, including QSLing and writing in this blog!

Because of how much time this has taken, the XYL and I decided to take a celebration weekend off in Port Townsend, including staying at the very nice James House Bed and Breakfast.

While doing that, we also did some scouting for camping sites on a salt water beach where we could potentially bring an RV and contest using verticals over salt water.

We found a couple of places that might work out. There are some issues, however. One site allows “day use only” and that doesn’t work for contesting during the night. Another site allows camping only from March through October. That’s not as good as I would like it as there are some good contests outside those times.

My criteria for a site are pretty simple in theory, but hard to execute:

  • Camping allowed for an RV
  • Site is no more than 200 feet from the high water mark on the beach
  • The site faces north, preferably with 180 degrees of water (such as on the Strait of Juan de Fuca coming into Puget Sound) so as to provide a salt water path to JA, EU, and the United States.

There is more to look at, including private RV sites. We’ve even talked about a beach house in the boonies and just buy that.

So, it’s early in the game. But it is a start. And we’re looking. I’ll post some pictures of the kinds of things I’m writing about here over the next couple of days.

Scot, K9JY

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