Vertical Antennas and Salt Water

Grayland BeachI’m seriously thinking of changing how I operate from the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve usually decided to go on DXpeditions as the standard home setup here (vertical, low power) and will become untenable once I move into our new home in about a month (great western takeoff angle and the rest of the world ends 100 feet in the side of a hill…).

But, Washington State has many great parks that happen to sit right on the salt water ocean. And a vertical sitting at the high water mark with radials over salt tend to perform pretty well. As in: 20-over nine somewhere in the world all of the time.

If I take a five day vacation time, I can usually operate one contest with the five days if I go on a DXpedition. Using this method of park, verticals and radials on salt water, I could theoretically operate five contests Friday-Sunday using the same vacation time.

The question is…what vertical antennas should I be using that would perform well and easily be set up and torn down for the three day adventure?

Scot, K9JY