Post CQWW RTTY Prefix Contest


We had a good contest as TI5N here in Costa Rica. Raw score a bit of 6.0 million before submission. We’re going to submit the score from here.

QSL’ing for the contest and TI5N is through the manager.

The TI5/xxxx call signs we are using outside of the contest should be QSL’d to the home call.

Monday and today we took a side trip to the Pacific Ocean and a resort called Punta Leona. Stayed overnight, sat on the beach, had a good glass of wine and generally hung out not doing much. Exactly what I need from a vacation.

Of course, we had to try a little radio stuff. N7OU brought along a K1 and we strung up a 50-foot wire on the beach. The K1 puts out 1.5 watts and with a AA-battery amplifier puts out 3.0 watts into the antenna. From the beach, he worked one stateside station and got a 449 report. Pretty wild.

Here’s a picture of the beach at Punta Leona:

TI Punta Leona

It’s a tough life of a DXpeditioner, but someone has to do it. I volunteered.Scot, K9JY

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