Seattle Airport

cncglogo I’m sitting at the gate, waiting for the US Airways plane to go from here to Phoenix. Once in Phoenix, I change planes and continue on to San Jose, Costa Rica. The flight leaves Seattle at 8:20 AM and I don’t get into San Jose until about 10:00 PM Costa Rican time tonight. Costa Rica is in the Central Time Zone, it looks like a two hour difference.

Up this morning at 4:15 AM to get ready, load the car, and get to the airport. The airport, at 5:45 AM, is pretty quiet — except for Starbucks, of course.

Checking in was uneventful. I went through the security lines and that was uneventful. That was surprising.

I am carrying on two bags chock full of everything needed for the radio and computer set up for the time in TI. That includes a Lenovo T-60 laptop and power supply, two mice, a Kenwood 570D, Kenwood power supply, a microHAM USB interface, all associated connecting cables, a Bencher paddle, Bose headphones, Heil headphones, my Treo, and iPod.

I went right through security and the x-ray machines and no one blinked an eye.

Now, in Bermuda, in my checked bag which they run through x-ray right there, they stopped me and had me open up the bag because they saw the Bencher paddle. Just the paddle. It’s very bright on the x-ray machine because of the nice, solid base.

In the trip to Bermuda, I never made it through any security checkpoint without opening up the bags (a reason I have a copy of my FCC license with me…). But, not this time. Zoom zoom.


Scot, K9JY